Emma Ellis

Emma Ellis RSHom LHCEA

Emma is passionate about natural medicine and it was this enthusiasm that led her to train for 4 years to become a homeopath at The Homeopathic College of East Anglia in Norwich.

Emma’s use of Homeopathy dates back to her teenage years, and it was this early experience of natural medicine that sparked her great interest in this method of health care.

Having raised and home-schooled three children, run a family farm with her husband and experiencing all that life throws at you, Emma is now committed to helping others gain a healthier version of themselves, naturally.

Emma is running a successful and busy homeopathic practice at The Complementary Health Care Clinic, Norwich. She is now expanding her clinics to south Norfolk at Diss Osteopathy and Health Care clinic where she will continue her great dedication in trying to help you.

Not only does Emma hold clinics for patients, but also runs short courses to help people expand their own interest in natural health and care. Empowering others is a keen focus for Emma, so she runs courses on Homeopathy for Children, Natural Care for Animals, and Homeopathy for Plants and Garden. In the future, Emma is looking to expand on these courses to include arthritis and bereavement support, natural parent and toddler sessions and supporting your gut naturally.

Keep up to date with up coming courses, dates and events at Diss and Norwich, on her Facebook page or Twitter.

Facebook: Emma Ellis, Homeopath

Twitter: @eehomeopathy

Emma believes that everybody should have the time to talk about his or her health concerns with a caring, empathetic, and compassionate practitioner and it is these qualities that help her work with you to find the best way to promote your wellbeing.

Emma has experience with treating a wide range of health issues both physical and emotional, including those who are taking conventional medications. She has worked with patients suffering with bereavement, MS, eczema, impotence, sports injuries, female hormonal issues, stress related conditions, insomnia, migraines, IBS, arthritis and many more conditions.

Homeopathy is suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly and also suitable during pregnancy.


Fees include your homeopathic prescription

Adult initial consultation £65

Adult follow-up appointment £50

Child initial consultation £50 (14 years and under)

Child follow-up appointment £40 (14 years and under)

Refills and additional remedies are charged at £7 each

Weekend and family appointments available

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Emma is a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths (RSHom), the UK’s leading registered body for professional homeopaths, a register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority


Did you know…..


450 million people worldwide use homeopathy (Boiron report)


The World Health Organisation has stated that homeopathy is the second leading system of medicine for primary health care in the world.


The British Royal Family has been under homeopathic care since 1820 and there has always been a Royal Homeopathic Doctor. The post is currently held by Dr. Peter Fisher. The Queen carries her ‘black box’ of homeopathic remedies that includes 60 vials of homeopathic medicines with her on all her travels.King George VI named one of his prize racehorse ‘Hypericum’ (Worldwide Status & Growth of Homeopathy, May 2011)

Emma Ellis