Take time for yourself with an experienced counsellor

I am an experienced counsellor having seen people for individual sessions for many years since I qualified in 2006.


I concentrate on helping adults who are experiencing any mental difficulty. I have worked with the well-known conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and anger management. I note that a common theme that people bring is having difficulties with relationships and I am accustomed to working with this. I also work with issues that start by being vague such as: not knowing where I am going in life and not feeling content with life as it is.


I work with adults (18+) who attend as individuals. I will see couples though I prefer to see one partner and that helps heal the relationship.


When you make an enquiry by telephone or by email, please expect me to call you for a brief chat to check your interest and when you can attend for a first meeting. The first meeting allows us to introduce ourselves and I expect to make some progress even at that stage.


Sessions are 55 minutes and my style of work is to listen for a while, usually 20 minutes. Then I usually spot an avenue that we may explore to your advantage. We may focus on this for a while and the remainder of the time is spent chatting amongst ourselves to review what we have found. In other words, I work alongside you rather than sit there silently.


I often start with 3 sessions to see where this takes us. The next step will be to choose one of the following options:


  • Finish now because you have got what you came for
  • Continue with individual sessions for a longer period
  • Apply to join my weekly therapy group in Diss which carries on the work with others to help



Richard Oliver