Sports Massage

 Sports massage manages, manipulates and rehabilitates soft tissues including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Properly qualified sports massage practitioners ensure that effective and efficient results are gained from each massage given.

Using deep tissue and remedial techniques, sports massage helps to improve  suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints, increase circulation to working  muscles, speed up healing of damaged or overworked tissues, reduce recovery time and improve performance.

Pre-event massage helps to warm the tissues, stimulate nerves, prevent injury and prepare the muscles for action. 

Post-event massage helps to relax working muscles, prevent cramp and stiffness, stretch tissues, reduce stiffness by removing lactic acid - and much more.

And the benefits of a sports massage aren't restricted to those participating in sporting activities.  Many people have physically demanding jobs and are often restricted from performing at top level due to the after-effects of illness or injury.  With its remedial techniques, sports massage can help with several day-to-day problems that many people face; repetitive strain injuries, sprains, tension, fatigue … and so on. 

The time for a treatment session will depend on the treatment needed, which can vary from a full body massage, to a specific area such as the shoulders or legs. 

The first consultation includes a review of the client's overall medical condition and this, like every other session, is treated in the strictest confidence.  Any recorded data is also kept secure.  Further consultations are shorter, although awareness of the client's overall condition is constantly monitored as this has an important affect on the type of treatment offered.